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SD&C INC. is a fast growing construction company, and we invite you to join this great family. We build careers, strengthen communities, and develop leaders. If you are highly-motivated, teachable, and hard-working you are welcome to join us. In addition to full-time positions, we offer internships and management trainee positions to college students majoring in mining engineering, civil engineering, construction management, and other related fields.

Who we are

We focus on providing construction services including concrete construction, trenchless technology, pipeline solution, stormwater, sewer, drainage, and pedestrian and vehicular transport.

What we do

We offer utility construction services to fulfill public and private activity needs. Our team of professional constructors uses innovative technologies to reduce harm to the environment.


Join our family, we love to have you. From Construction Laborers, and Customer Service Representatives, Engineers,  to Foremen, Heavy Equipment Operators,  Project Managers, Truck Drivers, Flaggers.


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SD&C is a reputable company that has being in existence for over twenty-four years. We have a functional workspace with effective communication. Our teams are treated with care and provided with top-quality materials to work with.

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